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  • This was the conclusion that Michael Fumento reached years ago in his book The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS, for which he was unjustly and shamefully reviled. that pushed the disease way down the ladder of people's priorities," admitted another.

    I no longer cared about anything, groaning. Remember the brochures featuring a blond, member of the Komsomol and simply beautiful. Sexy, temperamental, uninhibited girl with experience.


    I saw her pussy all soaked with juice and I just had to suck it. My name is Emma. The first and most obvious victims of the government's lies are the 40,000 or so Americans who this year will become HIV-positive, overwhelmingly gay men or poor. There are several methods; the calculator method works best. SLEAZY CDC CAMPAIGN MISSTATES RISK OF AIDS Remember those TV ads featuring the Baptist minister's son, who said, "If I can get AIDS, anyone can".

    ФАКТ! Основатель компании Apple, Стив Джобс, ездил исключительно на автомобилях Мерседес. При этом, без номеров. Это была визитная карточка Джобса. По законам Калифорнии, без номеров можно ездить первые 6 месяцев после покупки. Таким образом, каждые пол года Стив менял авто, сдавал в салон «старый» мерс и покупал новый.

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